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Ithum segnala: Cisco IP Telephony Boot Camp by NCP

Il Boot Camp è un periodo di formazione intensivo di 5 giorni che condensa i corsi CIPT1 e CIPT2, estrapolandone i contenuti più importanti, definiti nel percorso di certificazione ufficiale ...

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Ithum diventa Test Center LPI Linux Essentials

StemmaLPILE2E' con grande piacere che informiamo tutti che Ithum, già Authotized Training Partner per LPI, è diventato anche Linux Essentials Test Center!

E' quindi ...

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Ricerca personale senior certificato su Oracle (Solaris, DBA o Sicurez

Chi fosse interessato può scrivere a allegando il proprio CV aggiornato e firmato e preferibilmente anche il profilo anonimo
(Esempio Profilo Tecnico)

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Assunzioni di tecnici informatici per grande Società IT

Società IT cerca diverse decine di tecnici informatici da assumere
entro l’anno per attività su NOC a Roma e Milano

Chi fosse interessato può scrivere a ...

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ITHUM is a company entirely composed of highly qualified professional people and partners with a strong and consolidated experience, that work with passion and attention in the training’s field and  technological innovation, acting in agreement with various agencies and educational institutions.

Certified partner of various ICT producers, Ithum is focused on professional advices about technologies, considered as a research of customized solutions that could best meet specific needs.

ITHUM means IT’S FOR HUMAN, a mixture of acronyms, where the letter “T” can be read in lower-case (It’s for Human Beings), or in upper-case (IT’s for humans: Information Technology for Human Beings).

Ithum is focused above all on:
  • Networking, Information Systems and Technological Integration: with skilled staff in Cisco Systems Technologies, ZyXEL, Linksys, WatchGuard, US Robotics, Sun Solaris, Microsoft, Fujitsu-Siemens, Citrix, F-Secure, Trend Micro;
  • Learning, Training, Consulting and Teaching Projects; face to face, distance learning or blended; according to traditional, digital, innovative and smart methodologies; through paper and digital training supports and web platforms; for/to public and private Institutions, Consortiums, Universities, Training Associations, working locally and nationally;
  • Certified training: Cisco Academy, Sun Academy Initiative, ECDL, EUCIP;
  • Open Source solutions: Linux Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu server solutions;
  • Technological Innovation: for VoIP, wireless, web, proprietary and open sources solutions; with pilot project for the building sector (domotique - building automation, network and integration about IP);
  • Consulting (Strategic planning, organizational, marketing and commercial: for financed, sponsored, entrepreneurial, business to business, social activities;
  • Web Platforms: for the creation and the management of Internet web sites, contents, office automation, data registration, remote access, training and learning
  • Ithum is a Cisco Systems Partner:
  • Premier Certified Partner
  • Specialization Express Foundation
  • SMB Specialization
  • Academy Network Partner
  • Challenge and Reward Partner
  • Registered Partner
Among the various initiatives and experiences, the following ones deserve to be mentioned:

Ithum has been working since many years in different "Academies" organizing training programs for no-profit organizations:
  • Cisco Networking Academy Program,
  • Sun Academy Initiative,
  • Microsoft IT Academy,
  • EUCIP.
Ithum supports national and regional "Cisco" and "Sun" Academies and promotes new "Regional" and "Local" Academies in Technical Schools, Universities, Military and Educational Centres. Our company has activated and supported about 40 new "Cisco Academy" in Italy and  our teachers have taught in more than 500 courses (training for trainers and for students)